I'm a 22 year old lady who likes ... stuff!
I have a lot of OCs and I make really intricate stories in my little head and then never write them out. I use a lot of ellipses like an old person also... got a lot on my mind.

Shrimps are my favorite animals, burgers are my fave food, and the longest I've slept is 20 hours. I either sleep a lot or not at all.

Also I draw myself as a little bunny.

Da Early Years

What kickstarted my art style was a Spongebob anime parody in the old Nickelodeon magazine from 2009.
They drew Sandy with sparkly shoujo eyes and I was like HOLY CRAP!! THAT RULES!! And it's been downhill ever since.

My favorite artists are Teppei Fukushima, Aquirax Uno, John R. Dilworth, Sally Cruikshank and Wallace Polsom. I like lots of shiny colors and funny shapes, much like a toddler.
I also love to draw BIG eyes, lolita fashion, and of course blood n guts. Just girly things!