Hi I like to draw PICTURES!
I'm slowly chipping away at this site but the archive of my old art is fully uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

Hell I even got a friggin guestbook set up:

-Found a cool Valenwood Archivers logo a friend made
-Finished Oscar's page
-Added an art archive for 2022
-Updated some character pages
-Added Oscar's page though it's still a WIP
-Moved all the DND info onto here AND drew 13 icons for each of the characters
-Also added back buttons to the character pages
-Working on moving my DND shit here from fandom wiki
-Added a button to the DND page (press ctrl+f5 if it doesn't show up on the sidebar)
-Centered all the shit because I forgot to put margin-left in the css. It should look a little more pleasant now?
-Added New Philadelphia button + link to the sidebar (check it out)
-Minor tweaks here and there...
-Fixed a dumb sidebar error
-Added Tapeworm & Copyright icons, along with their own page
-Made the OC page, added a bunch of icons n shit
8.22.2021: Okay I realized maybe I should've added something like this earlier. Anyways...
-Added more images into the 2017 art archive that I found via the Wayback Machine
-Moved the archives to their own folder
-Started thinkin' about the OC page

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