I'm a 24 year old lady who likes ... stuff

Shrimps, unicorns and bunnies are my favorite animals, burgers are my favorite food, and the longest I've slept is 20 hours.
I either sleep a lot or not at all.

Also I draw myself as a little bunny.

"HAii2U" comes from the shock site of the same name, albeit spelled differently. If you don't know what a shock site is, you're too young to be on my page!
I chose it because I like the juxtaposition of very cute things and gross subjects ... vomit and grime and cute unicorn girls and worms.

You might notice that I don't really draw boys often, and the reason why is because I don't like them. If I draw men, it's usually either one-off fanart or my friends OCs. :P
All the insanity my girls go through is their own doing. If I wanted to see or read about a man hurting a woman I'd just read the news.