Alice Teichm├╝ller (Tapeworm-chan) is a disgusting and very offputting nurse. There is no set hospital she works at; rather she shows up in random ones and is treated normally by the staff during her shift. Somehow she never appears on any security footage.

Regardless of what they came to the hospital for, patients treated by Tapeworm often recall being sedated and having unnecessary surgical procedures performed evidenced by stitches on their abdominal area. No side effects other than an increased appetite and mild nausea have been reported.


Josephine Sawyer (Copyright-tan) is a very tall and imposing butcher from Kansas who wears a burlap sack with crudely-drawn eyes on it. Nobody has ever seen her with it off, not even Tapeworm. Copyright mostly keeps to herself, and when she talks it's quiet and hard to understand.

Most days she's busy preparing cuts for the meat market she runs by herself. Despite always being fully stocked, it's unknown where she gets all that meat from.



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