Idis Mertz
Police (former)
Archiver (current)
March 15




Undead human

Eldritch Knight

Idis was a police officer in Kyopia for most of her adult life. She followed her German family tradition of wearing a knight's helmet, and carried a pleasant disposition towards her coworkers. Not much to talk about there. She investigated crime scenes and ate donuts.

One specific case is what changed her - a grisly scene with a unique weapon: a massive, two-handed sword with unique runes carved into the blade.

Idis was partnered with another detective, named RoAnn, to try and decode the potential evidence carved into the weapon. RoAnn, being part-dragon, was able to recognize the runes as draconic in nature. Perhaps because of this assistance, Idis picked up on the language with unnatural speed. While the script was draconic, the words themselves were something else entirely. As Idis started to gain an understanding of what she was looking at, the sword almost seemed to speak to her.

Somehow unseen until now, another investigator found the note. The possibility hadn't even been considered; how does one commit suicide with a greatsword, anyway?

RoAnn moved on to her next job, seemingly satisfied with this conclusion. Idis, however, was far from done. She obsessed over the sword, just as it obsessed over her. Its speech became more clear, and the untapped history of the item was calling out for her louder than ever. She needed to find its creator, and learn all that it had to say.

Idis stole the sword for herself and didn't look back. The magical parasite worked its way into her mind and began to rot her body away. Decades passed in the span of a single night. She watched her brothers die before her; she saw her bloodline end when she accepted this historic task. The horrid magic intrinsic to the weapon had led its previous wielder to madness, but she was not so weak. She understood the danger, and the will of the sword merged with her own. Together, they needed to gain a complete understanding of each other and to find the sword's creator. She and the sword became one, and she took on the new identity of the Zweihänder.

Her search for answers has led her to accept a job - supposedly the "last job she'll ever need."

With the help of the Archivers' library, she is able to finally translate the writing on her blade - the Dragon's Fang - and learns that the one to blame for its presence in the Valen is the dragon Alder.


-Zweihänder talks in her sleep.

-She and Rathew are the only player characters to have met before being hired by the Archivers.