Violetta Bervoix
March 6

??? [Adult]

Probably taller than you



Shadow sorcerer

Formerly a librarian's assistant, Violetta now runs the Apollinaris Library alone due to the head librarian taking leave to seek out treatment for her poor health. The work is simple enough, and though the occasional patron may require assistance there's always enough downtime to ensure the day's tasks are completed.

She, along with the rest of civilization, resides in the sky islands after numerous wars ravaged the earth below, making it near-inhospitable. She's lived there for as long as she could remember, and she has been alive for a long time. Recently (say, the past decade or so) she grew antsy; Violetta fancied herself a kind of historian, but books could only offer so much. If she wanted to preserve history, she'd have to do something more physical... which led to her taking up taxidermy. She's since been able to fill a small curio cabinet full of jarred specimens of dead critters found around the islands.


-Never discloses the fact she has multiple jars of little dead things to the baron (who funds the library) since she considers it more of a personal hobby... maybe when she's satisfied with her studies she'll publish her findings and put them on display

-It's not very easy to make her laugh. That doesn’t mean she’s entirely humorless; she's just not very expressive

-Has an incredibly slow and faint heartbeat and if she focuses, can hear other people’s heartbeats

-As a Dhampir, she has a peculiar taste for spinal fluid. Her fangs retract like a cat's claws so she can tap deep into the neck