Summer Holiday
Comic Relief
Super hero
March 29





Summer was never good at holding down jobs. It just isn't in her nature to be serious, which unfortunately a lot of places require. She tried a lot of things: retail, desk jobs, janitorial stuff... some jobs lasted longer than others, but all resulted in her being fired for different reasons.

As a last resort, she put a good chunk of her remaining money into going to clown college. In her mind, a clown was the ULTIMATE job, and she felt a bit dumb for not thinking of it sooner. Besides, who doesn't love making people laugh? She practically does that for free already! With no other plans in case this backfired (and with her savings slowly dwindling), she hunkered down and committed herself to being the best clown ever.

After a few months, it ended up paying off! She found moderate success as a birthday clown and occassionally even got to perform at larger events. It wasn't the best paying job in the world, but it covered her bills, which is more than she could ask for! The best part though was that she could finally have fun and goof around without getting reprimanded for it.

Unfortunately due to there being an influx of clown & circus themed villains, job opportunities started to dwindle... which obviously isn't a good thing if being a clown is how you make your living! Not wanting to lose the only stable job she's had in years, Summer decided to become the city's first clown themed hero... the Comic Relief!


-She's surprisingly good at chess, citing her skills from sleeping in the classroom where they held the chess club during high school

-As Comic Relief, she can utilize cartoon physics to an extent (think The Mask but less violent!)

-If she ever became evil I think her villain name would be Laughing Stock... I dunno I'm workin on it!