Shopkeeper (former)
Archiver (former)
June 14






Kaen's life has been filled with loss. Her mother died when she was very young, and her father lost his life protecting her from a bandit attack on their traveling merchant caravan when Kaen was 12. She eventually stumbled upon an elven village in the forest. The residents took her in, and when she had earned enough money, Kaen bought a small shop when she was 18. She sold magical odds and ends to get by. Then one day a bandit group wrecked havoc on her shop destroying valuable items, and stealing her most prized possession; her mother's family ring, carved from obsidian. Knowing that she needed to find it - she had to find it - Kaen set out to a larger city where she joined the Thieves' Guild in hopes of finding more information. The Guild taught her how to defend herself should she run into any trouble. After years of dead ends, one day one of her more trusted informants told Kaen about a job and should she take it, it would be the last job she'd ever need.

Kaen's great-grandmother was the first Empress of the Infernal Plane. She then had two children. A son, and a daughter, Kaen's grandmother. The daughter inherited the crown and the title of Empress, then one mysterious event led her and her husband to leave the Infernal Plane and start a life on the Mortal Plane, the land of the Valen. They had Kaen's mother who then eventually met Kaen's father. Since her mother passed when she was young, Kaen had no idea of her original lineage until recently.

When her grandparents left the Infernal Plane, they also left the First Empress' son to lead. He died under mysterious circumstances, and now his son is Emperor of the Infernal Plane. When the Archivers arrived in the Infernal Plane in search of one of the artifacts, Kaen had no idea what lay ahead of her. After making their way into the First Circle, Kaen is recognized as the "Lost Princess". While in the process of stealing the artifact, Kaen is thrown into a battle to death for the crown with her cousin, the current Emperor. It is here where Kaen discovers the ring she's searching for is actually a family heirloom that displays the status of Emperor or Empress to whoever wears it. Kaen won the battle and the title of Empress, as well as her precious ring, but feels that she must finish the job she started with the Archivers. If everything turns out alright, maybe she'll eventually come back and take her rightful place on the throne.


-She loves sweets and baked goods, but is a terrible cook.

-While on long road trips or in moments of idleness, Kaen often hums an Infernal lullaby her mother used to sing to her.

-When she's is in deep thought or nervous, she tends to rub her left arm and trace the striped markings she was born with. These markings glow red when she’s under extreme emotion.

-Sort of a gentle giant. Prefers not to start unnecessary violence when possible.

-She gets embarrassed when anyone points out the pads on the bottom of her feet and hands that resemble a cat's toe beans

-Likes to sew.

-Left handed.