Hector Helios Rivera
Head of the archivers (former)
October 30


~6 ft


Dark elf


Hector was born into a prestigious family. His grandfather had been one of the original 13 heroes of legend who had originally been sent out to defeat the ever present Grimm infestation. The legacy and weight of his lineage had grown to overshadow the dark elf and he found himself growing to be nothing more than a copy of his father and grandfather. That is, until a fateful day, in which Hector had opened communication with the leader of Necros in order to finally put a stop to the Grimm.

Personality wise, Hector is a mostly calm and stoic man who keeps to himself and tries to keep himself busy with monotonous work in order to stave off the frequent stress and headache his position as the leader of the Valenwood Archivers had placed upon him. Very calculating and serious, he often puts on a persona of a highly charismatic people person when in reality he is more of a reserved gentleman. Hector often enjoys small talk or light conversations with the Archivers and is also known to be quite a big fan of music, often listening to it or going out to concerts in secret to relax and unwind.


-Has an extensive closet of dad clothes that he uses magic to switch out whenever he gets a second alone to throw people off

-Favorite food is waffles

-Enjoys very light reading on days off

-Loafers with the white socks bitch!