Cordelia Apsinthos
Nun (former)
Archiver (former)
November 11




Scourge Aasimar

Lore Bard

Dropped off at a convent as a baby and raised by the nuns, who thought of her as Heaven-sent due to her appearance; Aasimar were rather rare around those parts, so the nuns and a majority of the villagers had never seen one before.

As a young child Cordelia proved herself to be very obedient and polite, if not a bit dreamy. She was often spared the labor intensive chores and instead was able to indulge in more creative activities. This led to her becoming well versed in music, namely the violin and pipe organ which she played occasionally during sermons. Eventually, as she grew older, she was tasked with taking care of the sick and elderly of the community and devoted the majority of her time towards learning about medicine and common illnesses that plagued the village.

During a night like any other, she had a nightmare: A dark red sky, an unknown man all within an alien landscape... it all gave off the feeling of intense dread and grief. She woke with a start and immediately felt an agonizing burning sensation in her throat. Placing a cool hand against it, she felt something intertwine around her slender fingers. It was... violin strings? Four of them, glowing a quiet blue. Plucking one of them sounded the same as if it were from a violin, so, maybe...

She got up, never taking her gaze off the pale strings and grabbed her violin bow off the shelf it rested on. As she had done hundreds of times before, she began to play. It was a familiar piece, but a timeless classic. The sound that the strings produced were unlike anything she had heard before: clearly from a violin, but somehow cleaner. It was gentle and hypnotic, like listening to morning birdsong through the haze of being freshly woken from a dream. She finished the piece and with a flick of her wrist the strings vanished, leaving behind a gentle heat.

The days after the incident went by in a blur. Was that just part of the dream? If so, why did her throat still feel so warm? Surely this was no side effect of an oncoming fever. By day she would slack in her duties, consumed by her thoughts and by night she would have that same nightmare from before. The sky. The man. Those horrible feelings that threatened to cross into the waking world. Rumors spread amongst the younger nuns and found their way to Mother Superior who thusly demanded a meeting with the young woman to discuss her recent conduct.

It was then that Cordelia announced her departure from the convent. Though she loved her sisters, she knew that she couldn't continue the life she had been living for so long. She had to find that place from her dreams, convinced that when she did it would offer some kind of explanation and put a stop to this nonsense. Not wanting to stay any longer lest she change her mind, she packed what little things she owned and left the convent for better or for worse.


-Her favorite snack is rose tea with Linzer cookies.

-She very much disapproves of curse words. She won't say anything about it since she's so used to Rathew's potty mouth by now, but you can tell by her expression that she doesn't approve.

-She knows a fair amount of ghost stories that she swears are true! Actually, one or two might've just been dreams... nonetheless, they're still rather frightening!

-Due to not having one when taken in, she was given the surname of the Mother Superior, Viola Apsinthos.

-After the events of the campaign, she and Hector got married ^_^